Specialist Diploma in Hospitality Management

Specialist Diploma in Hospitality Management

This course, offered in Singapore, is targeted at those who are keen to join the hospitality and tourism industry but lack the related knowledge or formal education in the industry subject areas. The Specialist Diploma in Hospitality Management aims to provide participants with foundation knowledge in principles of hotel work, the food service industry and the tourism industry.  The course also helps students to gain confidence through personal development and by focusing on English communication skills.

*Additional Subject Information

Industrial Attachment (IA) subject to eligibility and approval of Training Work Permit for international students.

Students who are not eligible for IA or granted a Training Work Permit by the Ministry of Manpower (Singapore) can complete the course by writing a Student Report based on knowledge gained during their theory component of the course. The report must have a word count of 3000 +/- 5%.


6 months (Theory)
Monday to Friday, 3 hours per session

6 months (Industrial Attachment)
44 hours per week
Industrial Attachment for international students is not guaranteed as a training work permit is required to undertake the on the job training. The application for training work permit is subject to approval by the Ministry of Manpower.