Myeduvisa Logo Usage Guidelines

These general guidelines apply to the usage of the MyEduVisa marks by Partners in their communications:

  • The Partner's identity (firm name/logo) appears more predominantly than the MyEduVisa marks.
  • The Partner's materials are clearly perceived to be communications from the Partner and not MyEduVisa.
  • The MyEduVisa marks may not be:
    • Altered or modified (stretched, inverted, recolored, resized, etc.) and should be used as provided.
    • Used with an attached descriptor or tag line. Their 'clear space' must be observed (see below).
    • Combined with the Partner's name or logo to form a joint identity.
    • Used as a read through in text.
    • Clear space requirements
    • Clear space around all sides of the logo is the equivalent of the cap height of the MyEduVisa

If your company wants to use any MyEduVisa log or related graphics - submit a request to for approval. You will be notified of the approval status within one business days.