Choosing the right student visa consultant for your Study Abroad Journey?

Are you planning to study at a foreign university/college?

If your answer is yes, you would know the importance of an education consultant or counsellor in facilitating your study abroad journey.

Your counsellor doesn’t only ensure your admission at a study destination of your choice but also helps you in getting a student visa. The importance of a consultant can, therefore, never be overlooked. You must, however, carefully choose your consultant.

Your career is a one-time choice and decision you make. Neither can you leave it in on destiny nor in the hands of some random individuals! Your educational counsellor must, therefore, be chosen very carefully.

Here is a lowdown on some simple yet extremely effective tips that will help you in carefully choosing your education consultant:

1. Background Check

A background check of a counsellor is much more important than you ever thought it to be. You need to find out answers to the following questions:

What is his qualification?
For how long he has been in the business of career guidance or counselling?
Does he possess a relevant study abroad experience?
How many students have been counselled by him and what is his success rate?
Is he personally involved in the application procedure of his clients or has left it entirely to his staff members?

2. Professional Expertise

What is the expertise of a consultant you’re considering for your study abroad journey?

This information must be sought because a person you’re looking at might be a good counselor, but might not hold expertise in a field you’re interested in.

It is vital that your counselor holds significant experience in dealing with cases similar to yours and has also achieved success in those cases.

3. Reviews and Ratings

A comparison between different counselors must be made before shortlisting any of them. A right move is to check their ratings online and read the reviews of other students. Even if reviews can be bought, they still never fail in providing strong and clear insights.

As a career coach myself, I strongly recommend choosing career-based services only on the basis of ratings and recommendations.

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4. Service Fee

You must maintain a distance from any counselor offering packages of any sorts. Career Guidance is a step-by-step procedure and must not take a form of any package. Packages directly imply that the owner is into providing some shady services. A service fee has to be paid after a milestone is achieved.

If you’ve any questions related to your study abroad journey, contact us for free student visa services.

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